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Matthew Avery


Advanced Power Company
October 2006 to present

  • Senior level Java consulting and mentoring for both web (SOA) and desktop (Swing) applications.
  • Hybrid gas turbine generator research.

Belcan Corporation, Advanced Engineering and Technology Division, Cincinnati, Ohio, www.belcan.com
April 2005 to October 2006
Senior Engineer and Project Manager

  • Technical lead and customer interface for the GEnx turbine center frame 2D and 3D thermal analytical support. The GEnx is a high efficiency gas turbine engine under development at General Electric that will power the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380. Coordinated the efforts of four other thermal analysts on behalf of the customer to support all aspects of model construction, analysis, post processing and reporting.
  • Statistical analysis of blown insulation thermal test data (customer confidential). Performed statistical analysis of thermal test data and used a design of experiments and Six Sigma tools to establish a supplemental test matrix to quantify discrepancies between two similar thermal comparators in the initial round of test data.
  • Deployed Eclipse IDE throughout the Fluid and Thermal Systems section to enhance productivity using version control. Developed Eclipse plugins for further productivity gains.

eInnovation, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, www.einnovation.com
October 2000 to April 2005
Senior Developer

  • “Best Practices” - Initiated the best practices pages for eInnovation.
  • Created the Project Dependency Ant task and implemented Anthill build systems for eInnovation, UGS (now Siemens PLM Software), Perfect Probate and Gannett Media Technologies International.
  • Enterprise Architecture Proxy (EaProxy) – Team leader for UGS PLM Solutions web systems Services Oriented Architecture.
  • Authored the top level interfaces that allow client applications to call services locally, without using EJBs, or remotely through a single session EJB.
  • ValueTool – Lead programmer for ValueTool, a novel stock valuation analysis tool. This application accesses stock price webservices and the SEC's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system and produces an easily interpreted graphical display of stock valuations.
  • Open Edit – Lead programmer for the 4.0 version of eInnovation's flagship content management product. This product powers numerous websites and has been embedded in a variety of applications. eInnovation is now Open Edit.
  • Perfect Form - Developer and team leader for Perfect Forms legal forms software, a client side Java Swing application utilizing the latest technologies. This application features dynamic configuration, dynamic class loading, XML forms with XSLT transforms, automatic updates, embedded JavaScript, pdf generation and duplex printing.
  • Consulting Services System - Senior developer and architect for UGS PLM Solutions time entry, billing and reporting web application. Hundreds of millions of dollars of consulting services revenue have been recognized using this system. Recent enhancements include internationalization and additional reports to support global deployment.

ASE Technologies, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, www.asetech.com
April 1996 to October 2000
Project Engineer

Most rewarding projects:

  • Thermal Design and Analysis of High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) combustor components on the GEAE combustor design that won the NASA downselect
  • Developed 1-D coupled fluid network and thermal models from basic principals to support the thermal design of a gas turbine engine for power generation in a concept hybrid electric vehicle for Teledyne Ryan

Projects completed using PATRAN, P/Thermal and/or ANSYS:

  • Perform thermal and stress analysis on combustor liners
  • HSCT high pressure turbine rotor preliminary design
  • CFE738 high pressure turbine rotor thermal analysis
  • F404-400 combustor liner model validation and thermal analysis
  • LM2500+ high pressure turbine rotor model validation to test data
  • CF6-80C2D1F high pressure turbine rotor model validation to test data

Additional work:

  • UNIX system administration including hardware selection
  • Created thermal model design and analysis documentation procedures for consistent, thorough, project documentation

  • Programmed a thermal model validation utility using MATLAB for rapid comparison of transient thermal analysis to test data.

Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory, The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
October 1994 to April 1996
Graduate Research Associate

  • Design and fabricate parts for aircraft and jet engine model tests
  • Calibrate facility instrumentation, acquire and reduce data, document and report test activity for various tests, such as:
    • Paragon Spirit aircraft drag buildup / stability and control test
    • Westinghouse / Rolls-Royce gas turbine flow quality test
    • NREL wind turbine generator aerobraking test
    • GE Aircraft Engines / McDonnell Douglas Aerospace ASTOVL power plant, lift nozzle and lift fan test
    • Scale model NASCAR car and full size Indy car wing tests

Aerodynamics Laboratory, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
September 1993 to July 1994 Graduate Research Associate

  • Assembled and programmed a PC-based, data acquisition, control, and reduction system for a wind tunnel using C, C++ and MATLAB
  • Participated in boundary layer control experiments using a neural network control program


The Ohio State University
Master of Science, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

  • Used a 2-D, unstructured grid, Navier-Stokes code and the MSES interactive boundary layer code in conjunction with wind tunnel test data to investigate slot optimization on wings with Fowler flaps.
  • Structures Team Leader for OSU's 1994 entry in the Sunrayce, a national solar powered car competition. Performed design and structural analysis using I-DEAS, and administered testing of a composite chassis to meet safety requirements.

The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Private Flight Training
Obtained private pilot license at age 17. Instrument and commercial rated with over 250 hours as pilot in command.


Avery, M. et. al, "Investigation of Neural Networks with Known Internal Representation", 25th Annual Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Science Symposium, Dayton, OH, 2000

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